Many small businesses use Xero apps for accounting and other related uses. Xero is the world-leading accounting software. It is easy to use, yet with an efficiency that is at a professional level. With Xero, you and your team get to save a lot of time as the apps do most of the work for you.

And now, with over 700 add-ons and integrations, small businesses are saved from the rigours of regular or heavy accounting and financial calculations. However, with the increasing number of add-ons and integration comes the problem of scouring the market to find the best ones to streamline your business.

So here are some Xero apps that you might love.

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Spendesk is an expense management app that allows you to send your expenses to Xero for bookkeeping. So no matter how much you spend, you can follow the trail and keep your account books up to date.

This app makes auditing and supervision of expenditure easy and manageable. All purchases and payments are tracked and updated on your Xero ledge effortlessly.

Purchases are made through Spendesk virtual and physical debit cards linked to a single user. On these smart debit cards, input prepared team budgets and then monitor how money is spent and what it is spent for, monitor supplies and approve payments from there.

With Spendesk, you don’t need team reports as you can access all the information you need from the app. The app also allows you to reimburse employees from the app when you receive their expense claims.

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Dext is an app that allows you to collect all receipts, bank statements and invoices in one place. When linked to the Xero app, these invoices will be imputed to your ledger for easy bookkeeping. You can also make payments on these bills and invoices from the Xero app.

With this app, you don’t have to pile up receipts or lose them because you can immediately capture and send them to the receipt app, where they are stored and sent to the Xero app.

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BigCommerce is an app where you can manage all your transactions. It is your business on the go. You can take orders and sell your products via your website or any other market platform. It contains key commercial analytics that helps you run your online store efficiently.

On the app, you can check your business’ performance, conversion rates, number of visitors and more. You can also manage orders, carry out product inventory, update inventory, make refunds, handle checkouts and sync seamlessly with your Xero app.

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Synchronise and manage your team and employees remotely with the Deputy app. This app is the solution to your HR needs. You can create schedules and work out shifts, getting everyone on board with developments at the same time. It also allows for fairness in payment as you can track the hours everyone worked so they get paid accordingly.

The Deputy app also provides for a more organised system of communication. Essential information and documents can easily be passed to all team members from one place and by requesting confirmation of the message, you can monitor those who have seen the message and alert those who have not.

With this app, there is no excuse for a lapse in communication. Employee engagement is also improved by using the Deputy app through videos, regular announcements, illustrations, introductions and more.

Basically, everything necessary or incident to HR can be done from the app: requests and approvals for leave, replacements, scheduling and more!

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The Timely app is best for salon businesses and massage parlours. Through this app, your clients can book appointments, schedule visits and make payments. Business owners can also manage client information and preferences better through the app.

Eagle 1 can help you decide what is best for your business

Xero and its add-ons/integrations are great software innovations that will help streamline your business and help you be more organised and productive.

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Our 15 years of experience working with small to medium-scale enterprises is linked to our passion and drive in helping businesses thrive. We are experts in this field and can offer the best advice to move your business forward and help you actualise your goals and objectives.

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