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A business appraisal is usually considered when you’re looking to buy or sell a business. Although, all business owners can benefit from an up-to-date business appraisal report, not just when you are actively on the market.

Many business owners measure success based on profit and loss, but it’s important to know if your hard work is actually being reflected in the market value of your business.

So, whether you are looking to buy a business, sell your business or just want to be prepared, at Eagle 1, our business appraisal service will help you know a business’s value today, what it could be worth in five years and what you need to do to maximise its value.

Business Appraisal Benefits

Our business appraisal service won’t just put a dollar figure on the value of a business today. Our team will go beyond the point of service to give you a raft of other benefits:

Buy with confidence

If you are buying a business, knowing its worth is only one part of the puzzle. We want to ensure you succeed, so we will give you actionable steps to find out more about the business, help you with price negotiation and discuss the best structure for you to buy it with.

Know how to increase value

Once you know what a business is worth, we’ll discuss actionable strategies for you to grow its value. That way, when the time comes to sell, you’ll secure the top dollar.

How Eagle 1 Can Help

At Eagle 1, our team of dedicated accountants are here to help you get an accurate picture of a business’s value. We will take the time to communicate our ideas and figures clearly so you can make better informed financial and business decisions.

Enquire about this service and find out why business owners have trusted Eagle 1 business appraisals for years.

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