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Breakeven and Pricing Analysis

Understanding costs and correctly pricing your products/services has always been crucial to running a successful business. However, in the current inflationary environment, it is now more important than ever.

With the cost of materials, shipping and utilities all rising, if you are not regularly reviewing your pricing, you risk selling below breakeven, creating an avalanche of issues, and your business will go backwards — it’s as simple as that.

At Eagle 1, we don’t want to see you go backwards, and our team is here to ensure you stay profitable. Whether you run a retail store, a restaurant, medical practice, or any business in-between, we will help you understand your costs and optimise your profit margin to keep you on track.

Breakdown & Pricing Analysis Benefits

Breakdown & pricing analysis is not just useful for ensuring you correctly price your goods and services. Through this service, we will also help you to:

Be more competitive in the market

With an up-to-date pricing and cost breakdown, you are in the best position to set competitive pricing. You will be able to see the true costs of a good or service and see where you can seize market opportunities.

Get more from your hard work

If you feel like you’re working hard and your business is busy, but your bank account is showing another story, then our breakdown & pricing analysis will help. With correct pricing, you’ll see more fruit from your labour.

How Eagle 1 Can Help

With a strong understanding of your numbers and costs, our team of accountants will run financial health checks like break-even analysis and profit analysis to understand at what point you are truly making money.

By gathering this data, we will help you understand your costs, set effective pricing, and ultimately become more profitable.

Throughout your journey, our team will also help you to improve your understanding of the difference between profit and cash flow. It is very common for businesses to be making a healthy profit, but yet still have little money in the bank.

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